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Munny Tusken Raider

Vince’s roommate is really in to Kidrobot‘s Munny dolls. For those not familiar, they’re blank “Do-it-Yourself” vinyl figures which can be decorated any way you see fit. When I’m not ruining Vince’s roommates Mini Munny designs, I’m busy searching for Star Wars Munnys like the one toy customizer and 3D artist for Avalanche Studios, Squapper, has made. It’s a Tusken ...

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WaterMill: Making Water As Common As Air

I don’t understand why I can’t spend three hours in the shower or courtesy flush twice during a massive number two. Why is water such a precious and conserved commodity when we have devices like the WaterMill which extracts the water from air? This glorified dehumidifier is placed on the outside of your house and brings fresh water in to ...

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Robots + Doughnuts = Art I’d Actually Buy

We aren’t quite sure what robots and doughnuts have to do with one another but these prints of robots by Eric Joyner are very cool. Eric has a book coming out called Robots and Donuts, which is a 175 page collection of�his work for $23. Considering his 17″ x 22″ artistical prints of robots can reach prices over half a ...

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