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Magic Slate Mousepad: Doodle and Drag

Remember those Magic Slate drawing pads from when you were a kid? You know the ones. You’d draw a little picture, or if you were like me, draw an indistinguishable blob of squiggle, lift up the page to erase and start all over. ThinkGeek has employed this technology into the Scratch & Scroll, part Magic Slate, part mousepad. A true ...

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Google Celebrates World Cup with Search Specific Doodle

Call me a stupid American. Call me not down with the times. But I never really got into soccer. Maybe it was my inability to play the game that really did it. Soccer isn’t friendly to chubby smokers who can’t run more than a few feet. But for whatever reason, I never really grasped the sport. But then again I ...

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ScrabbleBot Aids the Talentless

If there is one talent I’ve always dreamed of having (aside from being able to roar like a Wookie), it’s the ability to be a good drawer. Just being able to draw something in which someway resembles what I was trying to draw would be cool. But no. God blessed me with the uncanny ability to find awesome shit online, ...

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Gandhi is Google’s G, Yo

In celebration of Mohandes Gandhi’s 150th birthday, Google has created a new logo doodle which appears on their homepage, subbing Gandhi’s round, bald head as the letter G. We have no doubt that CEO Eric Schmidt is also honoring his memory by locking himself in a cell and eating only one grain of rice.

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Doodle Addict T-Shirt: Custom Designing With Your Own Doodles

When I was still in school, I’d find myself dozing off into my own little world, where anything I imagined could be doodled right onto a blank sheet of paper. I can’t draw for shit, but I can doodle with the best of them. The Doodle Addict T-Shirt provides you with a new canvas for your doodling art. The first ...

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