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Mrs. Pac Man Wants To Get In Your Pants

If you’re AA sponsor made you get rid of your beer belt, here’s something else to help keep our pants on. An Etsy crafter by the name of HutchMe made these spiffy belt buckles featuring shiny renditions of retro video game icons including Mario, Mrs. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and one of those Space Invaders aliens. They’re the perfect accessory ...

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I Am 8-Bit (Really, I Am)

Here is a collection of screenshots from last weeks fourth annual ‘i am 8-bit’ art display held at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in Hollywood. It was chock full of impressively intricate art centered around classic old-school titles like Elevator Action and Donkey Kong. They even had displays of old controllers, people playing arcade games in their underwear and ...

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