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M&M Dispenser Maze Adds an Obstacle for Dieters

I know it must be hard living without your daily sugar fix when you’ve become accustomed to munching on sweets whenever you want. Just because you’re dieting doesn’t mean you have to cut out the candy completely. Just make it a little harder to access. Deter yourself from overeating by adding a little challenge into the mix. The M&M Dispenser ...

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The Ultimate Razor: Six Blades and A Shaving Cream Dispenser

See this shit? I’ve never heard of “ShaveMate” and would think twice about putting six goddamned blades near my face. BUT! But. The razor does feature a shaving cream dispenser inside the handle. That’s useful as hell for when you’re traveling or in the shower. I dunno. Would you use one of these? I’m on the fence about it. Link

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Nose Soap Dispenser Brings Back Nightmares of Mark Summers

I know it’s hard but try to be strong. Ever since you lost that physical challenge on Double Dare, life hasn’t been the same. That trip to Sea World was thisclose. Cheer up, though. Now you can get a DD-esque schnoz that goes in your shower and dispenses shower gel. At $18, it’s a great gag gift and should guarantee ...

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Super SideBar Gets You Laid

Bachelors need a bar at their pad. What better way to impress your guests and lady friends than with a Super SideBar? Go to any bar in the city- you don’t choose your drinks, they’re chosen for you. It’s all about choice and personal preference these days and with the SideBar, five of your favorite thirst-depriving drinks can be tucked ...

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