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Toilet Mug: The Least Appetizing Coffee Mug Ever

Mmm… feel like chugging down a mug of… whatever that warm, brown liquid is? The Toilet Mug takes one of the most popular beverages in the world and makes it one of the least appetizing. Your dog will have a blast. If for some odd reason you actually want the Toilet Mug you can grab one for around $16. Or ...

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Fashionable Varicose Veins

I actually know a guy who’s legs look like this, but never mind that. You don’t care about someone who lives with varicose veins. You want your own and you want them now! These stockings will do the trick but be prepared to plunk down a whopping $65. I mean, sure they’re artsy, detailed and not mass produced but $65 ...

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Fish Flops Perfect For The Beach

At first, I thought these shoes were the product of a hipster who had some cardboard, old sandals and a lot of free time. Upon closer inspection, however, I discovered that these are indeed real fish that are dead and wearable. It’s quite gross but I’m sure they’d work fine outdoors on a beach. And by fine I mean the ...

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Five Keyboards Beaten With The Ugly Stick

The crew over at InventorSpot decided to name five keyboards they thought were beat up with an ugly stick. We’re talking about keyboards you wouldn’t be caught dead with on your desk. And after checking out all five, we can see why. The Hello Kitty keyboard reminds me of AIDS mixed with a pile of bile and pink frosting. And ...

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