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Guy Shoves Blu-ray Laser Inside A Zippo

With Blu-ray players being so expensive nowadays, either creator Rog8811 went dumpster diving for parts or just has enough money to smash open a Playstation 3. Whatever the reason, he managed to cram a working blue-laser diode inside a Zippo lighter. The best part? It actually works. Windproof? No problem bro, ’cause this fucker is made of light. If you ...

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Sharp develops 6x HD-DVD and Blu-Ray laser burner

Sharp Japan has announced its 6x blue-violet laser capable of burning double dual sided Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. The diodes which emit the laser are planned to begin mass production in May with an output of 210 mW, which puts this laser as the world’s most powerful. The device could be used in the ever expanding market for HD-DVD 1080 ...

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