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Lego Ice Tray to put your Jolt cola on the rocks

If the Lego Diamond Ring wasn’t enough “ice” to cool your Lego-themed gadget jets, then the Lego Ice Tray will be sure to drop your temperature. The tray produces 10 Lego cubes with each load and makes your beverages absurdly geeky. Sadly for us, they are not yet available in the U.S. *whimper* But maybe we’ll have one of our ...

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Sarcar Solitaire Watch: Talk about BLING!

Jay-Z is going to want some of this ice. This Sarcar Solitaire watch integrates a nauseating amount of diamonds. A beautiful bezel one carat diamond revolves around a diamond ring, coated with a track of even more diamonds. Which is then laid on the face plate of even MORE diamonds. And so on and so forth. The watch strap is ...

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The Lego Ring for your gadget loving girl

The Lego Ring is a cool little trinket we came across. The ring is a hybrid between the classic Lego building toys and romantic jewelery, complete with a diamond. The Jacqueline Sanchez designed Forever Young Ring Number 1 Diamond Ring is a nice little novelty gift. And an expensive novelty at that! The ring costs $250, which might seem like ...

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