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We Want You… To Appear on Gearfuse

We’re looking for awesome new gadget-y products, designs and services to check out, shout out and/or review. Want your stuff to appear on Gearfuse.com? Lemme take a look at it. Send your info or inquiry to andrew -@- gearfuse.com. This is not a paid review offer. We’re only looking for genuinely cool stuff, no strings attached. Also don’t forget to ...

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Limited Edition Summer Coke

No, not the nose candy, you deviant. Rather than seem like we’re incredibly biased when it comes to soda, check out these summer-inspired cans from Coca-Cola. Featuring summer activities like a BBQ, surfing and fireworks, you’ll be sure to stay cool with a can of Coke. OK, now give us $5000 for saying that please or some free soda. C’mon, ...

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NoPattern Skate Decks

Colors and vectors and shapes, oh my! Chuck Anderson’s creations for NoPattern’s decks are incredible. Looking more like vector-based wallpaper for your computer than a skateboard deck, Anderson clearly pulled out the big guns for this series. At $55, they’re priced to move and will most likely sell out unless you hop all over ’em like a jackrabbit. Just don’t ...

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