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Go goes OLED and ultra-portable

The game is called Go, but you might know it better as Chinese Chess. This design concept creates a foldable Go board which rolls up like a scroll, and is played through a OLED display. The Go board uses the traditional Chinese calligraphy along with a painted open-book system of playing. Go and impress your friends (no pun intended) at ...

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The “really” Easy Chair

People who live with a limited and compact living space, which includes most of us, have a hard time arranging and squeezing in the few things they need to feel comfortable. The Easy Chair is a design concept that begins as one chair, and unravels to reveal two chairs and a table. The Easy Chair could seamlessly be adapted for ...

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iPod Earbud earrings defeat the purpose

The iArtifact project is a design concept that is attempting to take on the extent of Apple fandom with a twist of the extreme. The iPod earbud earrings are kinda cool looking, but whats the point? Why not just buy your own pair of earbuds for a buck, cut them, and paint them silver? Also included in the iArtifcat project ...

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First I will clean. Only then will I serve my penalty minutes

Hey, hockey fans. Want a cool way to clean without feeling like a little bitch? Check out this hockey-themed cleaning gear made especially for people like you. The storage bin, vacuum, broom hockey cleaning gear is a design concept for the maid in all of us. I would much prefer sweeping my garbage with a hockey stick look-alike than with ...

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