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Talking Buck Uncomfortably Harasses Female Guests

Do you really need another reason for the ladies to be creeped-out by your house? Your weird collection of Kamasutra Robots and your robotic lovechild are enough to scare even the spiniest of family members away. The addition of a sexually-harassing inter-species flirting Talking Deer doesn’t sound like it’s going to be much help of a help to your social ...

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Papercraft Deer: Shoot It, But Don’t Eat It

One of my favorite movies of all time, behind the The Dark Knight, is Bambi. The ending is just so choice. Why not bring the big screen into your living room with this papercraft deer. It’s easy to print out and construct and when you and your friends get wasted, you can shout names at it and crush it with ...

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Socket Deer or Dear Socket?

Here’s another way to clean up that cluttered mess of cords by your power outlet: outlet covers with deer antlers on them for holding gadgets while they charge. They can also be used like the ninja cord bunny and wrap up any loose wire laying around the floor. You could even go the extra mile and hang up your house ...

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