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Roll Up Washable Keyboard

Sometimes, the best gadgets don’t feature accelerometers and digital cameras. Take for instance this roll up keyboard. It’s made of silicone and is completely washable, ensuring that last night’s Red Bull Cola stains come off with complete ease. And for only $15? Sign me up. Link [via]

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Verizon (Takes A Shot At) Acquiring Alltel

Despite the shitty economy, Verizon is still pushing ahead with it’s deal to purchase the nation’s fifth-largest wireless telecom provider, Alltel Corp. Verizon is still meeting with the Justice department in an attempt to keep everything kosher, especially considering the size of the deal. You can bet it won’t give up though: if the deal goes through, Verizon will regain ...

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Throw Out Your CDs: Amazon Is The Way To Go

Music can be really costly these days, especially if you’re the one guy caught leaking the Guns N’ Roses album on to the net.� Even music stores mark up prices on both uses and new CDs at an outrageous rate. It almost seems like everyone is out to get anyone who loves listening to music. Well, Amazon wants you to ...

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