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NYC Toy Fair: Got Game?

Even though we act like adults, some of us are still kids at heart. The Kotaku boys have done a fantastic roundup of the current NYC Toy Fair and some of the goodies they found are enough to make guys of any age scream with joy. For instance, check out the detail on the Dead Space action figure of Isaac ...

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DIY Dead Space Action Figures

Designing your own action figure shows that you have a lot of dedication and heart for a particular comic/video game/series/whatever. Usually the best way to go about designing your own action figure is to start with another model and modify it. This is exactly how creator Chris Hooton designed Isaac from Dead Space. He took an old Cyclops figure from ...

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EA’s Dead Space Reviewed

CrunchGear’s intrepid pedophile Peter Ha spent some time with EA’s latest survival horror title Dead Space. While I’m sure Ha was on a junket getting pumped full of cocktail shrimp and Budweiser, he actually managed to put the seafood down long enough to review the game. The verdict? So, should you buy this game? You�re going to need something to ...

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