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Oh, Hell Yeah!: Apple Patent Reveals Front-Facing Camera for New iPhone

A freshly released Apple patent reveals that even though Apple isn’t saying much about the future of the iPhone, they’ve still got plenty of ideas up their sleeves over at Cupertino. The new patent reveals a tweaked UI which adjusts even further to assist the user’s needs, altering logo and interface-element sizes when you’re focus might be somewhere other than ...

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iLight: The Apple-Themed Flashlight

Designer Miyoshimasato has designed a device that resembles what a flashlight might look like if the Cupertino bad-boys had designed one (that is if the white color of their Apple headquarters doesn’t cause a reflective faux day light at all hours, like some sort of tech inspired Alaskan winter). The iLight has a sleek, buttonless body, that would rely on ...

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