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Fail Cthulhu: Somewhere, a Fail Whale is Crying

Created by Robert Cadena for a Cthulhu-themed art contest, Fail Cthulhu makes quite a larger splash then a loan fail whale. Because Cthulhu does not take social sites prisoner, under any circumstances. Once you’re in its grasps, your day has come. Once you smell him, it’s already too late. Link [via]

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Cthulhu Blanket Eats Your Baby Whole

I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be wrapping my baby up in the arms of Cthulhu. Crocheted or not. Who knows, maybe the common conception of Cthulhu as a monster is incorrect. Maybe he’s just a misunderstood daycare employee. Still, something about Cthulhu makes me hesitant to trust the fictional creature with a child. I’m pretty sure it’s the tentacles. ...

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