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It’s Not VH1, But It’ll Do

If you’ve ever been to a ShowBiz Pizza Place, the first thing you’d notice is how rockin’ animatronic robots can be. Nothing compares to run-down robots no one remembers, except for maybe a singing sock puppet, but these furry fret-lickers are making a come back. After Chris Thrash bought up a bunch of these bots and fashioned hip-hop YouTube videos ...

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Mo’ Urban Headphones From The Family Doc

Remember the Toshiba A2DP headphones? Those were tight, right? Wrong! They’re missing one of the most important factors of becoming quality headphones: Dr. Dre’s name. If you want headphones to sell, you need to slap a famous rapper’s name on it. Forget Bluetooth headphones like the Bluetrak ST1; those sell about as well as Funkmaster Flex’s driving shoes. And you ...

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