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Pizza Cutter Chainsaw Slices Up a Pie, Helps Dispose of Bodies

Even though I’m all-man, I don’t mind being a puss every once in a while and cooking for my woman. Cooking usually equals ordering a pizza and saying I made it from scratch. The problem with this plan is that most cookery is made for ladies, as is the nature of things. So I need a pizza cutter that’s really ...

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All-Clad Wok: Wakka wakka *yum* wakka wakka

Thinking about all the delicious Asian cuisine we could cook with a Wok makes our mouths water. If you’re going to Wok at home, why not have a Wok that will last a life time? This All-Clad Copper Core Round Bottom Wok (sounds sexy) brings the strength of aluminum coated copper core cookware to your home. All polished off with ...

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Use your kitchen as a centerpiece

Here is a fine solution to free up some of the cramped living space in your house. This spherical kitchen-in-one “Sheer Kitchen” is one well designed piece of cookware. When closed, the sphere serves as a beautiful carbon fiber centerpiece with a built in mood setter, a soft glow lamp to help create an intimate feel (maybe a nice way ...

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