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Breakfast Machine Brings Pee Wee Herman’s Home to Life

While there’s no mention of Pee Wee in this design project’s description, the resemblance to Herman’s very own breakfast contraption is uncanny. Directed by designer Yuri Suzuki and artist Masa Kimura, the Breakfast Machine is designed to prepare a full-course meal, serving up omelets, coffee, orange juice and even toast with jam.

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Make Sushi The Easy Way: Roll It Yourself

You could go through all of the trouble of learning how to roll your own sushi rolls, spending months mastering the art, or you could take the easy way out, get one of these nifty sushi rollers designed by Osko+Deichmann and be eating in no time. The latter sounds good to me, thank you very much. This contraption kind of ...

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Spreadsheet Barbecue Grill Grid: A1 or Well-Done?

How do you like your sausage cooked? Do you mind if I place it in the A1-D1 region and just let it smoke to medium-rare goodness? Or do you like your meat to be black and charred? Don’t you worry, we’ll find the right equation to make sure the Spreadsheet Barbecue Grill cooks your meat exactly how you like it. ...

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Robot Chef Renders Real Chefs Obsolete

While the HOAP-3, Fujitsu’s robot chef, can’t quite crack its own eggs with one-hand like an expert chef, it can make a delicious-looking ham and cheese omelet. It’s by no means a Pee-wee Herman breakfast machine, as you wouldn’t let it cook your breakfast unaided. It’s a nice thought though, having a robot prepare your breakfast while you engage in ...

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ExhaustBurger Is A Biological Horror

I don’t care how much heat is wasted through the exhaust pipe, I refuse to eat a burger which is cooked using the heat and fumes from my automobiles excrements. The ExhaustBurger was shown off at the Dining In 2015 exhibit. My love for meat holds almost no limits. I would use a burger as my phone. I might even ...

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