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Dude Eats Incredibly Large Hamburger

We love burgers here at Gearfuse and while we normally wouldn’t do a post on food, this dude ate a 15-pound hamburger. You heard me. 15 pounds of delicious meat was consumed by one Brad Sciullo, a chef from Pennsylvania. And this just wasn’t bun and meat either: The burger included a bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, mild banana peppers ...

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Go Fork Yourself With FridgeFork

I’m pretty sure that next to this NES Coffee Table, the FridgeFork is the single greatest invention of the millennium. I’m convinced that everyone who owns a refrigerator (sorry, Beirut!) will feel the same after giving it a try, though I admittedly haven’t gotten to try it hands-on yet. Basically, it’s a utensil stored on the outside of the jar. ...

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SwitchMe Salt And Pepper Shaker: A Switch For Your Table

Think about how much space on your kitchen table is taken up by having two seperate shakers for your salt and pepper. Ok, well probably not that much, but every inch made free is extra we suppose. The SwitchMe conceptual salt and pepper shaker integrates the two condiments into one gadget. You can switch between the salt and the pepper ...

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