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iPod Touch Bedding Doesn’t Let Me Make Calls

And what am I to do if I want to make a phone call from my iPod Touch Bedding, hmmm? Use Skype you say? Well then, there really is an app for anything, isn’t there? Snuggle up with your gadgetry with your iPod Touch Bedding, perfect for jamming out with your clam out, without the ability to actually jam out. ...

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Millennium Falcon Bed: Take A Snooze, Just Don’t Get Cocky

She might be a pile of junk, but she’s got it where it counts. One thing no one complained about aboard the Millennium Falcon was the comfort. With all of that seating space, it’s no wonder that the comfort level was the one thing Skywalker couldn’t bitch about. Experience the ship’s comfort yourself with this awesome Millennium Falcon-inspired bed. Complete ...

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Fiber Optic Bed Cover and Pillow Will Fit Right In

If you’ve already been rocking some glowing furniture, your other rooms must be feeling pretty dark and drab. Sure, you might sort of like sleeping in the dark like a normal person, but the addition of a luminous Fiber Optic Pillow and Bed Cover seems like the sort of glow we could get used to. I don’t understand the whole ...

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Get Into Bed With The Super Mario Bros.

Oooh baby. Let me see that mustache. Very nice. Here, crawl into bed with me. Mmm, that’s a sexy raccoon tail you have there. How’d you say you got that again? Something about a red leaf now? Nevermind. I want you to do the nasty in front of everyone, I just don’t care. Let Boo and the Goomba watch us. ...

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