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Pumpkin Armchair Is Perfect For Cinderella

Sure, Halloween has come and gone and it was a blast. However, like all good holidays, we tend to drag them out until people tell us we’ve gone too far. Who says we can’t enjoy the spirit of Halloween in November? Fuck ’em! Take, for instance, this gorgeous pumpkin chair. Whether fat or thin, this chair is bound to keep ...

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A Computer Chair That Watches Your Back

Designer Jian Guan crafted the Smartchair Biofeedback Computer Chair with comfort in mind. The chair contains dozens of embedded sensors, adjusting the seating pad, backpad and headrest based upon your movements in an attempt to control your comfort level. Of course, if the chair isn’t feeling your comfort, you can always take matters into your own hands with the touchscreen ...

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Umbrella Stool Provides Dry Comfort

I don’t know why we’re so obsessed with umbrellas but I’m Gene Kelly would be proud. Take this Umbrella Stool. Going to an outdoor concert and skies are overcast? Check SimpleWeather (oh shit! a plug!) and grab your Umbrella stool. Not only will it keep your ass comfortable, it’ll also keep you dry in the event there’s a sudden downpour. ...

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Lay Down Wherever The Hell You Want To Lay Down

When you cruise around a city, sometimes you don’t feel like you want to go home just yet, but wouldn’t mind taking a little rest. When the city is packed, it’s a constant stream of bumping and jarring. Just let me find a spot to lay down. Wait. Oh, that’s right. Every thing’s made of concrete. This interesting outfit design ...

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