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Try Boarding an Airplane with This Comb

OK, so it’s not made of deliciousness, but just try shoving this in your carry-on bag and see what happens. Something tells me those big bad security men won’t wind up being your best friends by the time you leave their gloved grasps. But hey, some people are into that whole strip search thing, right? Anybody? Don’t lie! The Gun ...

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Comb USB Flash Drive Keeps Data and Stray Hairs in Place

It’s hard to keep yourself well-groomed when you’re sitting in front of a computer screen all-day. Sometimes I look in the mirror and jump make in shock. “Who the hell is that grizzly hobo staring back at me?” This $35 USB Comb Drive gives me an excuse to perform the most basic of hygienic acts, no matter how busy I ...

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Knife Combs Allow You To Murder With Flawless Hair

Assisted by your favorite brand of hair spray, these knife combs are unstoppable. The “Comb-At” and “Combmando” combs allow you to whack a dirty, narc cockroach and still maintain your perfectly sculpted hairdo. Designed by Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani (“Comb-At”) and Thailand’s Studiobo (“Combmando”), the knife combs are made for the stylish hitman. Perfect for the fashion-conscious murdering sociopath who ...

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Mustache Comb Necklace: Jewelery For Italian Women

Fine, Italian women might not have bushy enough mustaches to comb, it’s just hard for us to imagine a man wearing this Mustache Comb Necklace. It seems like a fine investment if you’re in a business where you’re constantly in the public eye and need to have a perfectly groomed profile. The sort of job where you have to pencil ...

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