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If Classic Movies Featured Smartphones…

Imagine a world where Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Usual Suspects and Back to the Future featured smartphones. Watching classic cinema would be a hell of a different experience. Maybe the lack of smartphones is the reason they’re so classic in the first place? So sure, maybe Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart get a few more hours together, and yeah, Chuck ...

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A Day in the Life of an Internet Commenter

Don’t be confused. This is not the life of a troll. No, trolls relish their hate and return over and over, refreshing the page every few seconds looking for more troll bait. Most internet commenters are a different species all together. They only speak up when there is something wrong or they’re disgusted, vowing never to return to your site ...

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Mario and Princess Peach Sex Tape Released

A year ago this month, my favorite celebrity sex tape of all time was released to the public. And to this day I have not found a video which excites me quite as much. What Mario and Princess Peach lack in creativity (they’re strictly missionary) they make up for with pure voyeuristic kink. The Mario bedroom is always open to ...

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Star Wars Google Ad

Don’t get me wrong, Princess Leia was a hot piece of diplomatic bootay, but this is just a tad bit creepy for a grown man. But hey, to each his own. One thing you’ll notice is that this ad as a bit of an identity issue, jumping back and forth between Han and Luke. Regardless, it’s one of the funniest ...

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The Arithmetic of the Internet

No variables here. Just straight up basic arithmetic solves the mathematicalquandariesof the interwebz. Linking the influences that make the internet such asmorgasbordof valuable real estate and endless content. Where do we fit into all of this? Free hugs to the person who can come up with the correct equation for Gearfuse. More after the j + ump!

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