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Nuts and Bolts Tighten With Money

Fishing around for the right size wrench or screwdriver is always a huge pain in the ass. Rob Maslin must agree since he decided to design some bolts that screw in using standard currency. Though it works best with hex coins, the idea could easily be applied to fit American coins and maybe even those nifty spy coins. The real ...

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D’oh! Homer Simpson Found on Euro Coin

It’s funny how the Simpsons seem to pop up everywhere. Especially Homer. From USB-powered lights to wall clocks to iPods, you just can’t seem to escape the charm of America’s favorite yellow family. Even across the world, in Aviles, Spain, Homer is turning up in odd places. A shopkeeper found him on the back of a one Euro coin instead ...

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The Simpsons Pinball Machine for your home arcade: Ready, Set, D’oh!

Although not the first of The Simpsons gear, it might be the coolest, and is certainly the most expensive. The Simpsons Pinball Machine brings the power of cartoon-themed arcade games into your home with all of the features of the original Simpsons pinball game. Along with a talking Homer head, Itchy and Scratchy targets, and the famous garage door, The ...

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