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Electrifyingly Awesome Tesla Coil Gallery

Nikola Tesla represents what every American hopes to be, despite having been born in Austria. Intelligent, business savvy and I heard he never wore white after Labor Day; not to mention the insane amount of ingenious patents of his that still apply to this day and age. Let’s face it: he was a bigger pimp than Edison and not nearly ...

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Workout Equipment With A Not-so Average Cup Holder

Forget going to the gym to save the environment. If you’ve got the equipment, why not put it to good use by modding an exercise bike to chill and heat stuff simultaneously for your own benefit? This guy did it and now look at him, he’s shredding pounds and chilling beers. That’s right, the integrated pair of copper wires that ...

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Tesla Coil Guitar Amp

Not much is known about this video except that a guy built a Tesla coil and used it as a guitar amplifier. Each note he plays, lightning and electricity shoot out from a device sitting in his living room. Does it look incredibly unsafe? Absolutely. Is it rock and roll? You bet your ass it is. Link

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