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The NES Coffee Table

Imagine the lung capacity needed to get games working on this thing! The NES Coffee Table, made by a guy named Matt Borgelt, is a full-on replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with a fully-functional extremely over-sized controller. The controller and other various geek paraphernalia is stored inside of the game slot. But Mr. Borgelt didn’t stop with ...

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Paper Shredding Coffee Table Perfect For The Secret Agent’s Living Room

If you’re an international man of mystery, odds are that you don’t spend much time at home. But when you do, you’ve got to have ways to dispose of sensitive documents. Who knows what would happen if that memo about Roswell slipped into the wrong hands. The Papervore Paper Shredding Coffee Table is a hand-cranked shredding device that destroys any ...

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Interactive Ripple Table Responds To Your Movements

Don’t like thinking about how many times your dad’s hairy balls have thrust up against the coffee table as your mom reached climax? Sorry for the image, but that’s the price you have to pay. No toll-free roads here. This Interactive Ripple Table features 480 super-bright white LEDs and 24 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors that react to both ...

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Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table on eBay

I have a confession. A few years ago we sort of lied to you by saying that the old NES Coffee Table was actually a coffee table. In actuality, it was more like a NES Controller trunk, not a proper table at all. Luckily, if you’re really, really into geeky household shit, there is currently a real NES Controller coffee ...

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LumiTable Lights Up The Nightlife

Some say that I have a thing for glowing, ambient lights. Very true. Hence why I’m kind of going ga-ga over LumiGram’s LumiTable. It’s a 63″ x 13″ and costs $195 but boy will it pay off when you throw a party. It’s made of LumiGram’s proprietary fiber optic material called Luminex (boy, such originality with product names!). The LumiTable ...

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