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7 Cocktail Recipes From the Internet That We Want To Try

Cucumber Margarita

Some days IE: most Mondays, you just want to kick back with a cocktail and forget the fact that everything (and we mean absolutely everything) has gone wrong. Well, check out these pretty awesome cocktail recipes from the internet that we want to try. Whiskey Lemonade – find the recipe for this one here. The Skunkboy – you can find ...

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Shark Fin Ice Tray Brings Thrills, Chills To Your Drinks

Have $8 sitting in your wallet? What good is it going to do there? Do yourself a favor and spend your hard-earned cash on these Shark Fin Ice Trays. They help you create fin-shaped cubes of ice that you can later put into your mixed drinks. Guests at your Hawaii-themed party will go apeshit and absolute bananas when they see ...

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Lemon and Lime Slice Cubes

I love the concept of these Ice and Slices trays. Slice up a lemon or a lime, put it in the tray, add water and freeze. Presto. Next time you have a vodka cocktail or something equally fruity on the rocks, you can just drop in a few slice cubes of lemon or lime. Genius! Only a mere six bucks. ...

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