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Bane Motorcycle Jacket

The leather arms can actually be removed to unveil Bane's combat vest. The 2-in-1 jacket will cost you $583. Not nearly as cost efficient as making it yourself, but for pure realism and quality, there's no beating this.

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NavJacket: The GPS Winter Coat

Here’s a back-to-school jacket worth getting excited about. The NavJacket from O’Neill is due out this winter and will feature more technology than you can shake a stick at. Designed for people who like to snowboard, ski or just hit the trails, the NavJacket features Gore-Tex material and integrated GPS that allows you to navigate a hillside. The left arm ...

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It’s Getting Cold, Bundle Up Your Camera Lens

Here’s an easy way to not only make your giant camera lens more portable but also mask it from unsuspecting wildlife. LensCoats are custom lens covers that are available for a wide variety of lenses and extenders. It offers protection from bumps, jars and nicks, while also providing a thermal barrier which protects your equipment from becoming frozen in ice. ...

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The Last HOPE: The Coat Room

Get real: this is a hacker conference. There’s no coat room, silly! But check out this server coat room! That’s right, a “coat check” for live servers. Bring your own, get set up and don’t forget to check out the Telehacking across the way. We wrote one of our friend’s cell number on the table near the payphones. We hope ...

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