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X-Tape Turns That Box Into a Trunk

The last time I moved I made a pact. I will never use cardboard boxes again. I have more class than that. The movers must have been mortified. But even I, a connoisseur of the finer things in life, has to admit that cardboard boxes are the practical way to go. They’re lighter than trunks and definitly cheaper. X-Tape makes ...

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Star Wars Porcelain China Plates: Only For Special Occasions

There are maybe two or three times a year that call for the special fine china. But those days call for something especially elegant and delicate – two traits us geeks aren’t known to posses. These Star Wars�Porcelain�china plates allow us to both reflect our true nature and not feel all stuck-up and snobby in the process of trying to ...

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Yuugou Case Mod fuses wood craftsmanship with technology

This Japanese-inspired Yuugou PC case mod was made with a simple message. To represent the beauty of wood frame casing, while fusing traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. This simple concept evolved into a simple, yet beautifully elegant case mod for a classy reflection of personal style. The designer of Yuugou reflects on the production of the case, describing it as ...

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