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Cigarette Lighter Phone Will Likely Turn Yellow Over Time

If you can’t go very long without a smoke pressed between your lips and your cell pressed to your ear, you might need a way to join the two mediums. Sure, we’ve seen the device which swears to be the ultimate smoker’s phone, but where is the lighter? The SB6309 Cigarette Lighter Phone includes a lighter in its ingeniously deadly ...

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A True Godsend: In-Car Pizza Oven

Holy shit. Do you see what I see? I think so. It looks like a fucking pizza oven that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Amazing. Forget delivery; I can only imagine going 80 down I-95 while popping in a fresh DiGiorno with the works. What will they think of next? $36 and an extra $100 a month on your ...

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