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LOST Alternate Ending Revealed

This alternative ending was the originally planned ending for the widely watched LOST finale. ABC pulled the ending at the last second because it was viewed as being too provocative. And for once, I agree. This filth does not belong on national TV. Please, tell your kids to go in a different room or at least shield their eyes before ...

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Chuck Norris Action Jeans: The Only Pants Made for Roundhousing

Not only are these the only jeans ever officially approved and developed by Chuck Norris, but they also happen to make your ass look pretty toight… toight like a toiger. Tight in all the right places, without the camel knuckle. Guaranteed not to bind your legs when delivering roundhouse kicks to the face, the Chuck Norris Action Jeans give you ...

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Super Chuck Norris Bros. Game Counts to Infinity… Twice

Everybody already knows that Chuck Norris is likely the most powerful man in the universe. The Chuck Norris facts illustrate that quite well. Even superheroes like Mario sometimes stand aside to let Chuck Norris do their dirty work. Watch Chuck blast through an army of Goombas. They never had a chance. Link

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