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WoW Epic Apron: Real Life Warcraft Gear

Just in case you weren’t reaching your full cooking potential, the WoW Epic Apron ensures that you provide the best food experience possible thanks to a speed and mood boost, not to mention a cooking skill of 450. 450! You hear that Arthas? This Kodo steak’s for you, buddy.

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I’m Going to Tenderize Your Face: Brass Knuckles for Chefs

Never mess with a chef’s oven when he isn’t looking or you might get yo’ face tenderized, fool. Cooking is serious business. Sometimes you’ve gotta show a punk who’s in charge. Ken Goldman’s Meat Tenderizer Ring has a dual function; weapon and tool of the trade. Link [via]

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Spreadsheet Barbecue Grill Grid: A1 or Well-Done?

How do you like your sausage cooked? Do you mind if I place it in the A1-D1 region and just let it smoke to medium-rare goodness? Or do you like your meat to be black and charred? Don’t you worry, we’ll find the right equation to make sure the Spreadsheet Barbecue Grill cooks your meat exactly how you like it. ...

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Robot Chef Renders Real Chefs Obsolete

While the HOAP-3, Fujitsu’s robot chef, can’t quite crack its own eggs with one-hand like an expert chef, it can make a delicious-looking ham and cheese omelet. It’s by no means a Pee-wee Herman breakfast machine, as you wouldn’t let it cook your breakfast unaided. It’s a nice thought though, having a robot prepare your breakfast while you engage in ...

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