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The Electra Heart Lamp

Take a plasma ball from Spencer’s Gifts and throw in a little love and you’ll wind up with this Electra Heart Lamp. It resembles the heart and if you touch it, electricity from inside will go to your fingers a la plasma ball. Fantastic looking but unfortunately, it’s discontinued. A shame, considering it was only twenty bucks. Link [via]

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Pin Clock Brings Back Middle School Memories

The plasma ball. The Jenny McCarthy poster. The pin-thingie that you put your hand under. What do these three things have in common? Spencer’s Gifts. This Pin Art clock doesn’t have an alarm but who needs one when you’re sleeping in on a rainy sunday trying to recapture your youth. At $70, it’s a steal, similar to your current 401k ...

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Classy Nintendo DS Lite Metal Stickers

Normal stickers made for gaming handhelds are usually ridiculously cheesy or tacky or both. Korean camera peripheral company Gariz is gearing up its gaming department with this metal stickers which make the DS Lite look, in our eyes, better than when it’s plain. For $28.99, the Gariz metal sticker package includes a top cover sticker, two LCD borders, and d-pad ...

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WoW meets Right Said Fred in the ultimate gaming mash-up

[ev type=”youtube” data=”ePx57vkg5zI”][/ev] Are you a fan of MMORPGs and cheesy yuppie music? Then look no further. This video mash-up features both. While you’re waiting for WoW to come back up from its scheduled down time, give this a look. Watch as a clever human WoW character displays his moves on this hilariously well done music video featuring the best ...

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Laugh of the Weekend: The PS3 Elite

[ev type=”youtube” data=”GG1G1-h3gfo”][/ev] I must say, I’m usually not a fan of G4 and their gaming obsessed attitude, considering it’s supposed to be a tech channel and not a “lets watch people play games” channel. But with this PS3 Elite mock ad they made, they’ve won a place in the coveted “Laugh of the *enter time span here*” title from ...

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