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Characters for an Epic Tale Postcard

Having trouble creating characters for your next best-selling fantasy novel? Never fear. The Characters for and Epic Tale Postcard chart is perfect for such a situation. Everyone is there, main and side characters, from “the hero” to “the magic cow” (actually not quite familiar with that one). I can’t tell you how many jams this thing has gotten me out ...

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App Growth: Palm vs Apple

Oh boy. This chart is just TOO GOOD not to post. It shows how long it took Apple to roll out 50,000 applications on its App Store (about 10 months) and compares that to Palm’s turtle-esque growth. After more than ten years, the Palm OS (not to be confused with the Pre’s WebOS) had only ~29,000 apps. What does that ...

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One-Stop iPhone 3rd Generation Rumor Round-Up Chart

TGR created this awesome rumor round-up chart for the rumored upcoming third generation iPhone (full-size here). The new iPhone will likely be revealed at WWDC or a special Apple event. Which of these features do you see becoming a reality, come the official unveiling? Link

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Mac OS X Compatibility Chart For The Latest Netbooks

Interested in running Mac OS X on your new netbook? Then check out this compatibility chart provided by Rob Beschizza of Boing Boing Gadgets. Because Apple takes its sweet time on all of its ideas, netbook users have taken it upon themselves to try and get the Mac operating system running on various different netbooks. According to Rob, the ideal ...

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