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Centipede Lamp

Centipedes are fucking gross. They squirm around on the floor and scare the shit out of chicks. I’d say a centipede is good for nothing except shitty ’80s video games but I’d be wrong. Seems there is a freaky centipede-inspired lamp you can own for $2600. I can’t tell how big the actual lamp is because the photo has nothing ...

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PRO-Keds Arcade Shoes unleash the geek

PRO-Keds has announced there Imelda Macros-sized collection of arcade-themed kicks for total retro goodness. Not only are they hip to wear around the old change machine at the arcade, but are also a geek-chic addition to any style collection. The shoes come in a selection of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Asteroid, Super Mario Bros, and Galaga. These would look great ...

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