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Build Your Own Da Vinci Wooden Catapult

Leonardo da Vinci, a man of a million talents and designs which number in the hundreds, perhaps even thousands. One of Da Vinci’s classic designs is his improvements to the catapult, a weapon which was used through hundreds of years of war. Now, you can build the Da Vinci Wooden Catapult right in the comfort of your own abode. This ...

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Popcorn Basketball Bowl Shoots Hoops With Your Kernels

This Popcorn Basketball Bowl is specifically designed for the sportsman. The armchair sportsman that is. With a little nook for your remote and an icy brew, this massive six quart bowl features a special spoon on one side which catapults the kernels towards the popcorn basket on the other side. $25 for sports snacking awesomeness. Link [via]

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