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Vintage Money Bag Wallet

You can’t get much more authentic than this. These Money Bag Wallets are made of authentic old-timey vintage money bags. The same type of bag you can see thieves swipe from the back of an armored vehicle in those brand new “moving pictures” I’ve been hearing so much about. The product page warns that some of the bags do show ...

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Laundering Money

Ha! Get it? It’s a laundry bag, with a dollar sign on it! Not only can you fool the other broke bastards at the laundromat into thinking you’ve struck it rich, you’ll also be able to crack terrible jokes regarding money laundering and actual laundry. Terrible, I’m aware. $21.69 and a sense of humor. Link [via]

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ATM Piggy Bank Won’t Help You Save

Here’s a great idea gone wrong. Take the piggy bank. A staple of American childhood that has taught us how to save for a rainy day. You put money in and don’t take anything out until it’s full. Enter the ATM bank. It’s a fully-operational ATM and will keep a tally of how much money you put in. Need to ...

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Wallet Perfect For Crossword Puzzle Nut

Sometimes a bland leather wallet just isn’t enough. That’s why people come up with ideas like the Crossword Puzzle Wallet. You might not write on it but it’s totally solvable. #47 is Manual, #54 is Eliot and that’s all I got; I need help. That’s alright though, as you can expect to hold on to this wallet for as long ...

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Hacker Steals $50,000 From Web Companies

If you’ve ever signed up for a bank account or Paypal account online, you’ve probably noticed how they deposit a small amount of change into your checking account for verification purposes. It’s usually under 50 cents and doesn’t amount to much. But what if someone programmed a way to automate the enrollment process with these sites and used false names ...

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iCache lets you ditch all of your plastic cash

Are those credit cards pileing up in your wallet? Well, first off, you probably shouldn’t have that many cards, but if you insist, there might be something to come to your rescue. The iCache lets you register your credit cards online so that all of those credit cards can stay at home. The iCache keeps your card info secure (of ...

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