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Roadkill Rug

Just thinking about this rug makes me hungry. The Roadkill Rug demonstrates the “struggle between attraction and repulsion,” encouraging owners to cuddle up with the image of a mangled fox, or as I like to call it, the foretelling of a barbecue. There’s just no competing with my grilled fox entrails. Cooked in the traditional fashion, via exhaust fumes, of ...

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Carpet Made Using Cigarette Butts

Walk down any city street. Wonder why your not sifting through knee-high piles of cigarette butts? Thank the street cleaners for that. Puerto Rican artist Jesus Bubu Negron�commissioned�street cleaners to collect enough cigarette butts to create a carpet made out of the most common piece of city litter. Presented at the Sharjah Biennale, the rug is composed of pieces of ...

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This Rug Could Contain Skid Marks

I know what you’re thinking. Giant underwear, right? Wrong, it’s not wearable underwear, it’s a rug. Now, I can get rid of that dead bear decorating my Summer log cabin. Just lay this fuzzy under-garment down and it’ll look like you don’t give two shits about doing laundry.� It’s just $24 dollars, though I wish it wasn’t so small. I ...

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Carpet Skates for quick office to office transportation

Hate those long walks to the other side of the office building? Fear no more, these Carpet Skates are a fun way to transport those TPS reports across the office. The Carpet Skates strap on (lol, strap on) in seconds right over your shoes and will have you speeding through the cubicles faster than the whole Date Processing department put ...

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Cable Carpet solves neatness problem, still looks like crap

Cables are a reality of any geek, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck. Any time you see another wire making its way into your home, you know that sooner or later, you get to untangle it. It’s just like a birthday present! This Cable Carpet tries to take care of the issue of running wires across rooms by letting ...

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