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Take A Piss On Santa’s Face

We know people get a little crazy during the holiday season about the decorations they put up on their house and even inside of their homes, but this Santa Bathroom Cammode set really takes the cake. We’ve all heard stories of how Santa is always watching us, but does pissing into a caricature of the man himself make us naughty ...

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Ballmer Totally Owned By Custom Zune Design

Microsoft was just asking for something like this to happen when they offered custom designs for their portable media player, the Zune. This particualr design was put together by iPhoneSavior.com, with a caricature of Steve Ballmer proclaiming he is a “frigtard”. P.S. Even an animated portrayal of Ballmer without a shirt on is arousing nauseating. This design not only immortalized ...

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