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Blue Oyster Cult: Hacking RFID on the London Underground

Here’s an interesting little hack that will make those of you in London light up with glee. Some wisecrack DIYer went and dissolved an RFID-based Oyster card for the Underground. The result? A lot of wires and an RFID chip left behind. As you can see in the video above, the card continues to work flawlessly and can now be ...

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Elementeo: The Chemistry Card Game That Blinds You With Science

Every single object in our universe is composed of an infrastructure of elements, yet many children are not retaining the information which tells us the building blocks of the universe. Elementeo is a card game created by a 14-year old whiz kid, hell bent on teaching chemistry in an effective and fun fashion. Much like games such as Magic: The ...

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NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX Leaked! Extreme Graphics For The Extreme Gamer

Aye, papi! When we broke the news last November that NVIDIA was gearing up for release of their GeForce 9 series in Q1 of ’08, we were unaware that the series would include TWO new product releases. Rumor has it that NVIDIA will be dropping word of their two new 9xxx series cards soon; the top-notch GeForce 9800GX2 on 18th ...

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Battle card reader for Nintendo DS: Jushinten

Nintendo has demoed a card reader for their Nintendo DS portable gaming machine at the Toy Forum in Japan. The card reader is used to incorporate battle cards (such as Yu-gi-oh) with the game on your DS,  theoratically  you can also play battle card games on the network with users  all over the world. The game demonstrated was Jushinten (rough ...

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