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Vintage Apple Logo Trucker Hat

Have you been down with Apple since they were one with the rainbow? Pure sex. Sadly sold out for now. Let’s hope for a triumphant return. I will own one. Link [via]

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Pacman is Also Good For Lighting

The very Pacman-esque O! Cap is a eco-friendly bulb cap which provides a calming color and fragrance. The scented silicon O! Cap comes in an assortment of colors and fragrances including: orange with mandarin aroma, green with lemongrass aroma or purple with cherry blossom aroma. The scent is emitted after fake Packy is placed over an eco-friendly bulb. Screw the ...

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Here’s a great DIY that involves knitting and LittleBigPlanet. Etsy user ShadowsInTheNyte knitted up some winter caps that are all inspired by gaming. There’s a hat inspired by Kirby, one that takes after the famous Final Fantasy Moogle and of course, a brilliant Sackboy hat. It’s just scary how good these hats look when compared to the actual games. There’s ...

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The Devil Inside: Comcast

Comcast is the first ISP to start ramping up use of bandwidth caps. P2PNet has a fantastic write-up that completely details all of Comcast’s shady doings. The piece mentions how Comcast has developed a “disconnect user” option. That’s right. Use too much bandwidth for it’s liking and the big C might kill your connection for good. Even scarier are the ...

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