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Ninja Bunny Cord Clean-up

Do your headphone cords curl up into a big mess that not even a rubber band or twist tie can maintain? Then you are in need of a ninja bunny. It’s a cable manager that adds a hint of geekiness and style to that jumbled mess of strings dangling from your ears. Well, unless you’re in Korea, you won’t find ...

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Comcast Lays Down The Law

If you’re one of the few that hasn’t already switched to Verizon because Comcast kept throttling your Internet connection while you were trying to torrent, get this: Come October 1st, Comcast will be implementing a 250GB monthly cap as part of their shift toward “protocol agnostic” network management. Comcast is still making plans on how they want to screw their ...

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D-Link’s Peachy Green WiFi Routers

First, D-Link put routers in your pocket. Now, they’re thinking about the environment. D-Link is proud to claim it’s the first manufacturer to produce green home network WiFi routers capable of saving up to 40% in power usage. These routers are like a thoughtful roommate who never leaves the TV on or forgets to put the toilet seat down. With ...

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Using Your Ethernet Cables To Protect Your Country

Our United States are still at war. Maybe if we had lesson human soldiers on the front line, there’d be less controversy on the subject. What can you do to protect your country? If you have some extra CAT-5 cable lying around, you can make your very own CAT-5 soldiers. If you have enough wiring, maybe you could even make ...

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Earphone lines that flash with your music

So you think phones with lights that dance with your music is cool? Wait till you see these earphones released by Evergreen Japan, because they have lights on the CABLE that dances with the rhythm of the music you are listening to. If you happen to wear one of these at night, there’s no way you can get hit by ...

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