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Verizon (Takes A Shot At) Acquiring Alltel

Despite the shitty economy, Verizon is still pushing ahead with it’s deal to purchase the nation’s fifth-largest wireless telecom provider, Alltel Corp. Verizon is still meeting with the Justice department in an attempt to keep everything kosher, especially considering the size of the deal. You can bet it won’t give up though: if the deal goes through, Verizon will regain ...

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Mucho Rumor: Google To Buy Valve?

I’m taking this rumor with the smallest possible grain of salt. After all, what business would Google have buying gaming company Valve? Sure, the Steam distribution platform is hot and Google would love to have said technology in it’s paws but what good is that going to do for the rest of Valve’s assets? I’m sure Portal and Half-Life aren’t ...

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