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Zombie Stormtrooper Bust Alerts Visitors of Your Geekiness

A few months back we posted about a Star Wars novel like no other. Death Troopers, a tale about zombie Stormtroopers on the hunt for Jedi brains. Apparently the concept of a zombified Star Wars universe was so successful that you can know purchase your very own bust celebrating the novel’s central theme. The Zombie Death Trooper Mini Bust, not ...

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Gargoyle Elections

I love the mean, snarl-toothed looks these gargoyles have. Whether you hate Obama or McCain, your political adversaries will be sure to get hot-headed when they see one sitting on your desk. At $25 each or $40 for both, these make a great gift for anyone remotely interested into politics or Satan. I still have one question, though: Where’s Bush? ...

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