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Sega Genesis Business Card Case

I missed out on the original NES and SNES systems during their heyday, but at least I got to fool around with the Sega Genesis when new games were still being released on a regular basis. And boy did I play the hell out of my system. NHL ’94 and Sonic, baby. Hours of fun. Increasingly, more kids from Gen-Y ...

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Cassette Tape Business Cards

If you’re still listening to cassette tapes, we might have some news for you. That music technology has been dead for like, a decade now. Hell, CDs aren’t even relevant anymore. Let me be even more blunt. If cassettes are already being used as ironic business card designs, than I think it’s safe to say they are past their prime. ...

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Famicon Controller Business Card Holder Will Impress Your Gamer Boss

Start praying, right now, that your boss is a gamer. Because if not, your Banpresto Famicon Controller Business Card Holder might not have the impression you were hoping for. Needless to say, this case isn’t going to work for every career. Lawyers and doctors would likely be better off with a nice leather case, or at least something with a ...

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“Cognitive” Business Cards

Any DIYer worthy of the title should know about Lady Ada aka Limor Fried. She’s the ultimate maker and when I ran into her last week at a Gawker party, she brought along an Arduino-based robot she was working on. Needless to say, such a technophile needs an appropriate business card to match. Limor’s feature pop-out Spirograph shapes that you ...

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Free Google Business Cards

This is a neat deal that Google dreamed up. For a limited time, 10,000 people, myself included, can get 25 free business cards from Google and iPrint.com. The cards have your name inside a search bar and your profile information on the back. Even if you don’t want or need them, you know these will be worth money 50 years ...

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