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LEGO Transformers Characters

I’ve always wanted to own my own set of Transformers, but who has the room to fit an entire set of massive robots in their home, let alone a tiny apartment like mine. But hey, I can have something even cooler. My Transformers transform into individual LEGO bricks. All you have to do is bash them around a little and ...

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Transforming Bumblebee Costume Really Transforms

None of this photo-trickery or CGI bullshit. This awesome Bumblebee costume is 100% the real deal. Watch for yourself, about halfway through the video, the costumed dude squats down and morphs into a fricken Chevy Camaro lookalike. I’m so finding a way to get a hold of this ensemble by Halloween.

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Crafty Needle-Felted Transformers

Despite some not-so flattering reviews, Transformers mania is sweeping the country this week with the release of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. These highly-detailed needle craft Transformers totally embody the fanboy spirit of the Transformers films. The artist has crafted Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Sentenial Prime, Shockwave, Ultra Magnus, Percepter, Blitzwing and Jazz so far, but who knows ...

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A Bumblebee Transformer That Dances To The Beat

Ahh, robotics. The feeling of being in complete control. This Beatmix Bumblebee Transformer is even willing to dance and sing for you, despite the humiliation it might cause. Beatmix “speaks” music while dancing to every rhythm. The awesome thing about Beatmix, which you won’t get from any other dancing device, is its ability to sample back your tunes with cool ...

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