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The Brush Mouse Has Infinite Uses

The Barely There Brush Mouse by Jang Woo-seok is an interesting take on your average computer mouse. It's non-slip, super flexible, prevents hand fatigue, and has amazing airflow to keep your hands from getting all gross and clammy. It also gives you mini-hand massages when you move your palm.

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Taxidermy Rodent Accessories Might Give You the Plague

I’m not sure how comfortable you would be using a hair comb adorned with a taxidermy guinea pig. On one hand, these taxidermy rodent accessories are unique, not as dirty as living rodents and won’t leave a trail of rice sized turds. And on the other hand, it’s a fucking dead rodent. And these particular rodents aren’t even cute compared ...

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Strange Days Have Found Us

Now this is a basting brush I would use on the grill. It’s called the Strange Ways Basting Brush and costs $15. What’s so special about it? You can bend it to any angle you see fit so you can reach “difficult” places on your turkey/ham/child in the oven. It’s made of silicone, so it won’t catch fire and burn ...

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2 months with the UV lamped toothbrush case

Japanese are obsessive with hygiene, so much that somebody invented the ultimate toothbrush carrying case with built-in UV lamp; supposedly it’ll kill germs. While everything sounds so much like a dream, the case is so portable, the UV lamp runs on AAA batteries. So the guys who tested it took it for a try, their conclusion this morning is that ...

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