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Doctors Discuss the Psychology of Batman

YouTube show Crazy Sexy Geeks sat down with three forensic psychiatrists of Broadcast Thought to discuss the psychology of Bruce Wayne. Is the Batman a sane vigilante who uses methods of terrorism to clean the streets or is there something deeper? Does Bruce Wayne suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? These are some of the mysteries that the doctors are asked ...

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Batman Hoodie Conceals Your True Identity

I’ve always wondered what sort of insulation the Batsuit is working with. Sure, it has a plethora of gadgets and goodies geared towards fighting the scum of the streets, but does it keep Batman warm on those chilly Gotham nights? I imagine punching a super-villain in the face is much more painful if your hands are freezing cold. The Batman ...

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Bat-umbrella Saves Batman From a Soggy End

Even Batman hates getting rained on. Despite the fact that his suit is almost definitely water proof and resistant to any moisture period, there’s still something about rain that pisses Bruce Wayne off. The Bat-umbrella is the perfect gadget to add to his arsenal in order to protect himself from the annoying element which is rainfall. Not to mention the ...

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Full-Zip Batman Hoodie

Want the muscles of Bruce Wayne without the annoying butler or billions of dollars? Exactly. Throw down $78 and pick up this full-zip hoodie from Lot 29 Urban Wear. Batman’s face is screened onto the hood so your face will even be disguised whilst you rob a bank save a bank being robbed. I’d prefer a little more color on ...

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