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BraDryer: Show Those Tits Who’s Boss

I love bras. It may seem odd considering that I’m a male, but think of it like this: bras hold boobs. See? I just pulled some motherfucking algebra out on you. The BraDryer is a concept device that would keep those more expensive bras in tit-top shape. Puns aside, it’s actually a half-decent idea. I had no idea that those ...

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GPS Chastity Belt Or Kinky Hide And Seek?

Ooh, nice hips. Fancy keeping track of your girl because you’re an obsessive douche? Then Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio’s “Find Me If You Can” lingerie line isn’t quite for you. Consisting of a lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar, it’d almost be ordinary lingerie attire if it wasn’t for the GPS device visibly tucked away in the bodice. ...

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Rice and Miso Soup Bra Makes My Mouth Water

This Rice and Miso Soup Bra is really a very appetizing little gadget, and lets just say I’m not a fan of miso soup. The bra goes great with chopsticks, and makes woman with smaller busts look like they are rocking two bowls filled of food (which they are.) This would go great with our Rice Omelet Mouse Protector and ...

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