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Reading Ring Holds Your Page

While hard copy books might be on their way out with the increasing popularity of e-Readers and digital reading, most people are still stuck in the olden days of just plain reading a book. The great thing about the Kindle and other e-Readers is that the devices always save your spot, even if you have to drop the reader in ...

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BookMarker: Saving the Page and Making a Note

I’ve never been one to mark up my books with notes. There is something seemingly sacrilegious about penning up the pure paper of a tome of knowledge. Even if that tome happens to be a Harry Potter novel. The BookMarker is made to not only save your place, but contains a super thin pen which lets you mark up your ...

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PlayStation Controller Paperclip Bookmarks

Any PlayStation junky is all too familiar with the four standard buttons on the PS controllers. These Paperclip Bookmarks take the four iconic symbols and place them on the inside of your book’s pages. There’s no better way to catch a gamer’s eye than to place symbols that remind him of gaming in random places around the house. The only ...

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Help! Bookmark: Literally Stuck in the Plot

Some books have a way of pulling you in, grabbing your attention and never letting go. Apparently mini-people have a harder time resisting the urge to be physically sucked in to the book. The Help! Bookmark is a fun bookmark design which simulates the demise of the world’s tiniest man, stuck between the pages and begging for his way out. ...

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Bloody Bookmarks

I wonder what my grandmother would think of me if I got her these creative $29 bookmarks for her birthday. The set of three comes with bookmarks that resemble milk, blood and mercury. While the milk is cute, I’m sure the blood would earn me a disapproving glare from her reading chair. Link [via]

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