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Portal Bookends

How would you like to be able to travel through such classic literature as Huxley’s Brave New World, Asimov’s Foundation, Palahniuk’s Fight Club and… wait a second… The Gay Science? How’d that get in there? I swear that’s not mine. That sort of thing ain’t my bag, baby. These Portal Bookends were result of one man with access to a ...

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Star Wars Lightsaber Bookends

Using the Amazon Kindle for so long I almost forgot that there are some places where books still come with pages. The Lightsaber doesn�t really spear through the books, although judging from the photos it does turn at least part of them into a clammy mess of scrambled egg. That�s not quite fair: the photos show a prototype, so the ...

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Falling Books Bookend: Reading is Dangerous

Playing God is entertaining. If it wasn’t, games such as The Sims and the iPhone’s Pocket God wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are. So why shouldn’t gadgets offering a bird’s eye view of another person’s misfortune not be popular as well? The Falling Books Bookend adds a dose of omnipresence into your study or library. Watch as a ...

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Dyna-therms Connected, Infra-cells Up; Mega-thrusters Are Go!

When you’ve got more manga books than you know what to do with, you’ll need some solid bookends. How about these Voltron-themed bookends? It’s the Lion Force working hard to keep those books of yours in check. While I like the Star Wars bookends more, they happen to be sold out, so I’ll need an alternative I can fall back ...

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Jay and Silent Bob Bookends

Would you like to hold my books, Berserker? For $129, you can score one of these Limited Edition Jay and Silent Bob bookend sets. Only 1500 are being made from Graphittidesign and I’m guessing they know damn well there’s over 1500 people in the United States who would pay $129 for some Clerks-related bookends. Link (via)

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Mos Eisley Cantina Star Wars Bookends, we digg it

So many books, so little time. With the bad organization of your book shelf bursting at the seams, what more could you want from a bookend then a Han Solo and Greedo cantina designed theme from Star Wars?! Each piece is 6 inches high and 5 inches wide (10 inches when pushed together) and looks like the coolest damn bookend ...

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